[guest post] God’s presence is called Grace

 I am blessed to introduce the lovely Becky to all of you. She is a beautiful young lady with a genuine heart for Jesus and has agreed to graciously share from a place of vulnerability and loss with us. I am so grateful for this treasured authenticity and wisdom. Thank you Becky! ~Christie Realizing….Here I am, back … More [guest post] God’s presence is called Grace

Love letter

Shockingly, it’s 8am on a Saturday morning and I’m the only one awake (poor Josiah was up with the two oldest in the wee hours). I’m sitting in my living room, feet up, hot chocolate in hand, watching the sunlight stream through my window and thinking about the way God loves me. How he knows … More Love letter


Happy Monday, friends! I saw something like this recently and loved it. I have been feeling like I generally live a pretty self-focussed life and this was such a wonderful reminder for me to say to the Lord, “less of me and more of You!” So, I thought I’d make my own print of the verse to share with all of … More HE>i