A mama poem at midnight

They burst forth with the sun, rarely pausing, save to savour a snack or gulp breaths after racing ’round corners and up stairs, and I can’t keep up, can’t stay on top of laundry mountains, can’t slow down these moments. These nose touch, sword fighting, sticky hand holding, pitch black snuggle, full-face giggle, silly dancing, … More A mama poem at midnight


Eating Roast Chicken Dinner Here is 5 ways to stretch a roast chicken dinner Oatmeal We’ve been starting our days with oatmeal lately, my husband is trying to loose weight so eggs or oatmeal is our go to breakfast. Reading The Church Planting Wife by Christine Hoover I’m not a church planter but the possibility … More lately

new baby card idea

I know, I know. Another Cricut post. I’m sure soon enough I’ll start posting about other things again. Anyways I thought I would share this card I made for a new baby in the family. I used the Tags Bags Boxes and More 2, and the Sophisticated cartridges. God bless! Amanda xo