The Perfect Getaway

February is officially here, people! The holidays are over and we have officially been “back to the grind” for about a month now. Life has settled back into a normal routine. Get up with the baby, blearily pour coffee, try to wake up while kids watch too much TV, breakfast, chore time, play time, baby … More The Perfect Getaway

Revamped Hymns

I’m a huge fan of the rehymn movement. (Also known as retuning hymns/updated hymns/old new hymns movement…and the list goes on). The blend of theologically solid lyrics and modern instrumentation/vocalization is beautiful. So I thought I’d start putting together a list of some of favourite revamped hymns. 1. You are my vision – Rend Collective … More Revamped Hymns

We are blessed!

There are moments, perhaps seasons in our lives when all of a sudden we want more. We want a bigger kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living area, backyard, home, car, etc. Websites like Pinterest don’t help either. In fact it makes us crave these things even more if we are not careful. My friend was in Africa … More We are blessed!

Take a walk

Ever feel like your head is about to just BURST cooped up inside ?! Maybe it’s only me… Though I highly doubt it. The other day things just seemed to be going crazy in our house, one kid crying because they wanted the the other had, I don’t even know why my 3yo was grumpy! … More Take a walk

Love letter

Shockingly, it’s 8am on a Saturday morning and I’m the only one awake (poor Josiah was up with the two oldest in the wee hours). I’m sitting in my living room, feet up, hot chocolate in hand, watching the sunlight stream through my window and thinking about the way God loves me. How he knows … More Love letter