new baby card idea

I know, I know. Another Cricut post. I’m sure soon enough I’ll start posting about other things again. Anyways I thought I would share this card I made for a new baby in the family. I used the Tags Bags Boxes and More 2, and the Sophisticated cartridges. God bless! Amanda xo

a season for giving

This will be the first Christmas where TheBoy is old enough to actually enjoy opening presents. Like any first born grandson, there are plenty of gifts with his name written on them, sitting neatly under our decorated tree. But how do you teach a 2.5 year old that Christmas is about giving, and not just … More a season for giving

a toddler-made gift

A couple of weeks ago, TheBoy was invited to a birthday party for two twin girl friends. After purchasing a cute outfit for them both, I asked TheBoy if he wanted to make a gift for them himself.  “Cookies!” was his response. (That’s my boy!) I remembered receiving a cute cookie-in-a-jar gift a while back … More a toddler-made gift

one line a day

This past weekend, I stumbled upon the One Line A Day journal while browsing my neighborhood Chapters.  After much debate, I purchased it, on a whim, hoping my fickle friendship with journals would finally come to an end. I’ve never been able to keep a journal long enough to see its final pages, let alone … More one line a day