Tricia: A Year From Now

Karen Lamb quote (pic).jpg

I love the honest truth in this quote pictured above. It gets me thinking and it makes me not want to waste any time. As we finish up the month of February, what are some of the things that you wrote down as a goal that you have yet to begin?

Was it to eat healthier?

Start a blog?

Drink more water?

Keep a Journal?


Read the bible in a year?

Learn photography?


Or perhaps you did start off the year strong and now you have wandered away from your goals/resolutions. Whatever it is, please know that you can still make positive changes and reach your goals. The year has only begun. Take baby steps and little by little you will reach what you are aiming for (if you truly want it).

For me personally, I have been toying with the idea of trying out hand lettering. I went on Pinterest and found tons of boards on hand lettering, how to begin, etc. It was so helpful and exciting. I found some great websites that walk you though the process step by step. I also went to the library and signed out a book. There is something so beautiful about hand lettering that draws me in. So I tried it out for the first time. I simply grabbed a pencil, some sketch paper that the kids had and I wrote the word “Joy.” I must say that I was quite happy with how it turned out for my first attempt.

Joy lettering

I am just a beginner and I am taking my time. Hand lettering isn’t something to be rushed. It is a process. As I practice this, I am sure with time it will become better, easier and even more enjoyable. One hand lettering person wrote “Practice makes progress.” How true is that for any area of our lives.

So a year from now, will you look back and be happy with what you’ve done, or will you be in the same situation – feeling frustrated? If you’ve lost your way, shake off the negativity and jump back into it. Start today. I hope that you’re able to look back a year from now with great delight knowing that you’ve made movement. Even the tiniest step forward is far better than nothing. You can do this, and remember “Practice makes progress!”



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