{mama mondays} worth the wait

The season of advent is upon us!

I just came across this beautiful quote by the thoughtful and profound Henri Nouwen: “Waiting is a period of learning. The longer we wait, the more we hear about him for whom we are waiting.”

And this is actually the theme of a spoken word piece I wrote and performed last Christmas. You might not get the full essence of it, just as is, but I hope that it reveals some Truth, regardless.

Grace and Peace, dear ones.


Worth the Wait

Ah, I wait




Resting State

Hmm. Not a forté of mine.

But there is no choice

And I try not to hate the wait

Because waiting, it wears on us

In a what I want, when I want it, “serve me now” world

A world unaccustomed to

“Be Still”

“Wait on me”

And yet, to go without,

To yearn,

To rely on the One

Who holds the stillness

Well that anticipation

Brings patience

And when we learn to wait

We can exultate

And celebrate

Celebrate Christ

as a babe

Christ as

flailing arms

wailing cries

grasping fingers

milky sighs

Light in our shadows

Helpless, but wait, WAIT


Weak, but hold on…


Lowly and yet…

“Wonderful Counsellor,

Mighty God,

Everlasting Father,

Prince of Peace.”

Oh Prince of Peace

Invade our broken world

chaotic relationships

our messy hearts

with that peace

And I will have waited

With my breath bated

As you created

New life in me.

For Your coming

Means healing


weaving love

out of our empty-handed, fractured,

hurting hearts.

Yes, I will wait.

Will you wait a little longer with me?

© Christie Warren 2014

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