[[Family Fridays]] Introducing….

…the newest member of the family, our precious LittleMan, born on October 8th @ 9:11am, weighing 7lbs10oz. I admit, his arrival has erased all memories of the crazy heartburn and nausea that plagued me for the entire 10 months of pregnancy and I’m so thankful he’s here with us now. Life with a newborn has been… good. I know we’re currently dealing with the ever-always sleepy newborn phase, so I’m taking full advantage of it while I can. 
By doing what you ask? 


Watching Unlimited amounts of Netflix

Yes, I am currently a Netflix addict. When TheBoy was born four years ago, I spent the wee hours of the night trying to stay awake, and failing miserably. We didn’t have a Netflix account back then, but it was the first thing I requested of TheHubby when I knew I was pregnant with LittleMan. Now, night feedings are a lot less stressful. And, what better reason than having a newborn to binge watch episodes (or seasons… just sayin’) of Gilmore Girls?!

Taking a crazy amount of photos

And why not? After spending the past 10 months making and delivering a baby, I have the best reason in the world to snap photo after photo after photo. Time flies by and in no time, I know my little newborn will be a toddler who won’t sit long enough for me to snap a single photo that doesn’t blur. So, I am definitely taking advantage of his current milk-drunk state and snap, snap, snaping away! 


During my pregnancy, I craved sausages. Every time I made TheBoy’s lunch and was packing deli meat or sausages, I had to refrain from sneaking pieces into my mouth. Now that our LittleMan is here, I am eating them to my hearts desire. It’s nice allowing myself to indulge in whatever it is I feel like, within moderation if course. Smoked salmon, soda/pop, tuna sandwiches for lunch everyday (I love tuna!)… yum!!
So, whether you have one kiddo or four,  remember to enjoy every stage along the way because it will pass by so very fast. As I write this post, LittleMan is already ONE MONTH OLD! 🤗
Have a lovely weekend, Friends!

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