{mama mondays} DIY stress ball

Happy Monday, beautiful mamas!

I’m realizing that I’m a pretty tactile person. It makes sense, seeing as physical touch is one of my top 2 love languages (love me a good hug!) So, when my own beautiful mama showed me the stress balls she made recently, I was pretty excited. These things feel amazing, smell great (if you use the right play-dough), and can definitely be used to de-stress and relax. Plus, they are SUPER SIMPLE to make.

All you need is a balloon and play-dough!


Stuff the play-dough in (you could even make your own…I tried this recipe once and it was so good!)

Tie the balloon shut and voila!

So much fun!


Ideas for using them:

  1. Give it to your child during time-outs. Gives them something to focus on.
  2. Feeling anxious/overwhelmed? Sit down in a quiet spot and concentrate on the sensation of squeezing the ball.
  3. A simple, thoughtful gift option.
  4. Physical Therapy (This website gives some helpful info about the subject.)


Christie 🙂

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