{mama mondays} with every ending comes a new beginning

And so the summer break comes to an end and school starts tomorrow (for most around here at least). And although I’m now a homeschooling mama I still wanted to send a little shout out to all you moms and dads and caregivers out there as you lovingly pack new backpacks or lay out first day outfits or sit with a cup of tea thinking back over the months of warmth and (hopefully) fun adventures as a family.
If this is your first time sending your dear one/s off or even the 15th time (I’m looking at you, university child’s mom holding back tears). If you’re not sure if you will be able to make it through the pain of missing them or even if you’re kind of excited to have some quiet during the day again…wherever you’re at and whatever tomorrow looks like…we pray that this new beginning will be a beautiful one and that you will walk in the grace and peace of our Lord with your child/ren every day this school year.
Power to ya, mamas!
Love, Christie



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