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mama mondays

The mommy wars over breastfeeding/formula, cloth/disposable, organic/non-organic, ugh and so many more, have in many ways created an environment of shame and guilt in an often already isolated mothering culture. In the Western world, we’re generally not of the “village raising a child” mentality, and this lack of support seems to make this crazy time of life even more difficult for many moms. When we feel guilty about something that we’re apparently “not doing right” we aren’t able to thrive as moms.

Now don’t get me wrong, these issues all have merit and need to be thoughtfully approached and decided upon….BUT once you have made that choice, I really hope you are able to release yourself from the guilt that others try to impose on those decisions.

One of these areas of tension for me has been the amount of technology time in a day. And even though we are pretty careful about this, I still feel guilty about it on occasion. Perhaps part of that guilt isn’t just the length of time but the content of the shows or games they’re engaging too. Perhaps some of you are with me on this.

So, moving forward, I’m going to have a good chat with my hubby about the time limit we want to enforce (but also let myself off the hook if there are days when it’s a little more…being able to make dinner in peace is sometimes a nice treat! And we really do want to avoid this whole guilt thing…it’s not what the Lord wants for us!) Also, I’m going to be more intentional about the content of the shows and the games that my kiddos watch/play. And to that end, here are three awesome apps you can add to their repertoire (and yours…I definitely had fun playing Guardians of Ancora yesterday). A big thanks to my mom for introducing me to a couple of these.

  1. You Version’s: The Bible App for Kids
  2. Guardians of Ancora
  3. Superbook

Any thoughts on this crazy mom guilt world we live in? Or any suggestions for great apps/shows for kids?

Praying you feel free from guilt and shame, dear ones!

Love, Christie

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