[[family fridays]] getting down and dirty…


A couple weeks ago I took my boys out to a splashpad near our house. I have always enjoyed taking them there because it’s the one place the boys can run around and scream, while letting off some crazy energy, as I sit and rest on a nearby park bench.

Or so I thought.

TheBoy was having a ball running around but didn’t see a muddy patch of grass and slipped and fell. He wasn’t hurt, but I could tell he wanted me to come over and make sure he was OK. I stood up and walked over to talk to him, ready with my “you shouldn’t run on the grass because it’s slippery” lecture when all of a sudden, a fountain of water turned on. On instinct, I turned and ran. Right into the same puddle TheBoy had fallen into seconds ago.

I’m sure I don’t have to explain what happened next, but for your enjoyment, why not. Imagine with me, if you please, a thirty-week pregnant woman falling flat onto her bum. Ever so (NOT) gracefully and straight into a giant puddle of mud. The look on TheBoy’s face when he saw me fall was priceless. I wanted to laugh, and probably would have, if only my bum (and perhaps my pride) wasn’t so sore.

So there I sat, my pants soaked and filled with mud (lovely, eh?) and a park full of parents and kids who most likely saw the entire fall. I mean, how could anyone miss it? But instead of hiding my face and calling the boys to leave, I figured I was already wet and dirty, why not get into the water and play with them. And that’s what I did.

This one incident made me realize that since being pregnant (in February), I’ve been making excuses to simply WATCH my kids as they play instead of actually playing WITH them. It’s a little difficult these days to stand for long periods of time, let alone sit on the ground with a huge belly, but the Lord taught me a valuable lesson that day. (Not to worry, I had an OB appointment a couple days later and even had an ultrasound done to make sure Baby#3 was OK.)  In the end, I don’t think TheBoy even remembered he had fallen 🙂

So, to all my mommy and daddy friends out there, take the time this weekend to get down and dirty and PLAY with your kids. I don’t think I can recall a child who has ever pushed their parent away from wanting to play with them 🙂

Happy weekend, Friends!


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