{mama mondays} knowing when to call it quits


After a long, tiring, wonderfully fun camping weekend and a busy busy ‘kids-to-VBS, homeschool-planning, errand-running’ day, I only just realized that I forgot to write a mama monday post today. Oops! Which led me to this little revelation. One of the best things us mamas can do to take care of ourselves is to know when to call it quits. I think a lot of you are like me, you’re “get er done” moms.
Dishes dirty at the end of a long day? Stay up until they’re clean.
Party to prep? Sew random costumes/hotglue your fingers/attempt to bake pinterest cake until your goal is achieved.
No food in the house?
Haul 3 exhausted, silly monkeys to the grocery store, even if there will be tears and pandemonium the entire trip.
“Get er done.”
And yet, I think I’m slowly learning that it’s ok to sometimes just say NO. No, I will not drag my body to the point of collapse. No, my three-year-old does not need a three-tiered superhero cake. No, there is nothing wrong with serving PB and banana sandwiches for supper occasionally. You get my point.
Good self-care sometimes means self-preservation. It means letting go. And I know you’ve all heard that song belted out millions of times, so maybe take it as a healthy reminder to give yourself a break. Know when to call it quits. Prioritize yourself sometimes. I completely endorse it. In fact, I’m gonna put it into practice myself and stop what I’m doing and go to bed.
Love ya, mamas!

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