our family is growing!

When we initially found out, this past week, that we were expecting yet another baby boy (we have a 4 year old and an almost 2 year old boy already), the comments I received from friends and family were… interesting. From “Oh, are you disappointed it’s not a girl?” to “Now you have to try for a fourth...” to “Three boys, what a nightmare!”

The things is, the emotions I felt running through me the moment we found out our third baby was a boy, was pure happiness. Not to mention gratefulness and thanks! If you were to ask TheHubby if I would be sad with three rambunctious and energetic little boys, he’d tell you that I wouldn’t be. Not in the least. I wouldn’t even be disappointed with six boys! (Not that we’re thinking that far…)

But that’s not to say I wouldn’t be happy with a little girl either. I do, however, have friends who I know need at least one of each gender and would be disappointed if things didn’t work out that way. Thankfully, I am not them. I know in my heart that each child God gives us has been called, by name, to be our littles for their time here on earth. So whatever God decides to bless us with, is more than enough for me!

That being said, this coming October our family of 4 will become a family of 5.  3 boys under 4 and a half. Oh my!

Any tips and/or advice from parents of 3 or more littles out there?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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