Why you should compare your children

Right now you’re saying to yourself, did I read that title right? Has Christie gone completely insane?
And the answers would be ‘yes’ (but there’s a catch) and ‘most likely’ (but bear with me here).
I can occasionally get overwhelmed with some of the things my children do,  or even with some of the extremes of their personalities. I’m thinking I’m not alone. There are days as moms when everything is just a little too much, amiright?
Well, I think I’ve found the solution! Compare your children.
Haha. No, I don’t mean for you to pit sibling against sibling, friend against friend, in a calamitous cycle of competition and hurt. Certainly not!
I mean, simply, to compare their actions and personality traits to the possible opposites/alternatives.
Here are some examples, as they play out in my head.
1. “Oh man, he’s so strong-willed.” —– “But, I’d rather that, than weak-willed!”


2. “Ugh! There are books all over their room!” —– “Hmm. I’m really glad they love to read.”


3. “She is so clingy and won’t go to anyone else.” —– “What a blessing that we have a strong mom-daughter attachment. She might never want to snuggle me and then how would I feel?”


4. “They’re too wild and rambunctious.” —— “Praise the Lord that they are healthy enough to run around.”


5. “They get into everything!” —– “Look at their little creative imaginations. Yes, this is much better than TV trance.”


You get my gist?

So, if you’re having a mama meltdown moment, consider comparing your child. It might be the best thing you can do. 🙂

The joy of the Lord is our strength!

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