Finding your way of meditation

In Joshua 1:8, God told Joshua “This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night”. I couldn’t figure out the best way to meditate since most of the time when I crack open my bible, either my 2.5 year old starts calling out for me or my eyes just shut real tight until I walk away from it (yes, it happens to us pastor wives too).

Right before I had my daughter, the Lord started to lead me in a way that I would enjoy meditation. He led me to start drawing out scriptures. I still have some lying around but compared to what I have these days, they were pretty sad looking so no show and tell there. Not long after, I gave birth to my daughter I brushed off that task.

I’ve always been an artist my whole life. I’ve made a career out of it as a graphic & web designer. It’s not until my daughter’s first birthday that I saw my true enjoyment in the thing that I was doing. I did see it here and there growing up, but I never acknowledged it because I grew up in a culture that doesn’t embrace creativity and art. So yes, it took some time.

For my daughter’s birthday, I had the party at my house/backyard. I had to make signs to tell people to come in but I didn’t have a printer, so I was left with doing the old school way… by hand (queue music “duh. duh. duh”). Well, I didn’t want them to look lame either, so with my now new favourite social media app, Pinterest, in hand, I started to look for ideas. And here were the results:

bdayI spent hours drawing, doodling, filling ink – I loved it.. and others loved it too! Not too long after, I started hand lettering my own greeting cards because I just wanted to give that personal touch.

A few months passed and I remember telling my husband, I know that God directs our paths but if I was back in my last year of high school again, I would choose to go to Japan and become a manga (Japanese comics) or anime (Japanese cartoon) colourist. Not even the ones where we draw out the figures, but just to colour. I love the blending of colours and filling out negative space. Illustrating, I need a bit of practice 🙂

Funny how God heard that because now, God led me back to my task – meditating His Word through hand lettering scripture. I spend at least 7 hours on one of these so as you can see I spend quite a bit a time in one little verse.


Look to Jesus and find out how you can meditate on verses in your own way! I plan to make one print a week – you can look for them on my personal blog at!


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