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Recently Chad and I went for a road trip to Michigan for a Bible conference. While we were there they had a lovely display of books at a high discount. One that caught my eye was an ESV journaling Bible.

I really liked the idea of being able to take notes in a clearly defined section of your Bible, instead of trying to squeeze them in wherever you can. This had lovely lines, which is great for someone like me who can’t write straight to save her life.

I started looking online for ideas on what I could do with this journaling Bible, and how to make it more “me”. I saw somewhere on Pinterest that someone had decorated the outside their pages. Just like how some Bibles are gilded. I love the way it looked, and I liked that the decoration didn’t really cover any of the words in the Bible or any of the places for the notes. I thought I would share the pictures, and what I would do and what I used to do it.


For this project I used my journaling Bible, some thin tip felt markers, some gray ink, and stamps. I also used a regular Crayola marker to fill in the gap.



It isn’t perfect but I really like the way that it turned out. I’m no artist, so having the stamps on hand made this really easy. It was just a bit time-consuming.


The bleedthrough was minimal, which I really liked.

I hope you all enjoy this post, and I hope that you got some inspiration if any of you out there so happen to have a journaling Bible. I highly suggest one they’re super fun!

God bless,
Amanda xo

6 thoughts on “journaling bible

  1. Great idea! Would need to do this on a new bible…mine are so worn on the edges that I doubt it would work. But love the idea for even my own regular journals!

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