We are blessed!

There are moments, perhaps seasons in our lives when all of a sudden we want more. We want a bigger kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living area, backyard, home, car, etc. Websites like Pinterest don’t help either. In fact it makes us crave these things even more if we are not careful.

My friend was in Africa and she posted these pictures below of a woman cooking in the kitchen preparing a meal.

Kitchen in Africafood picture in africa kitchen

As soon as I saw this woman in the kitchen cooking, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from it. There was something so raw and real about this image. I too cook meals and here was a woman across the world doing the same thing, yet her kitchen setup didn’t look like mine. She didn’t have a stove, I didn’t see a fridge, counter space, fancy pots or pans, etc. I simply saw a woman over a burner with one pot.  This photo spoke volumes to me. It opened my eyes yet again to the fact that we are so BLESSED! We have so much, yet we complain and desire more.  Not too many of us would be able to survive a kitchen set up like that, especially if we couldn’t add in the little things that we would want or make it look more Pinterest worthy. In our country whether you own or rent your home, it comes with functioning appliances plus you also have the convenience of a microwave too. Those options are not pictured here. This is a real life photo of what it’s like to prepare a meal for more people than we have under our own roofs on a daily basis.

I encourage us all to take a few moments to look around the place that we live in and go room to room & give thanks for everything you have. Be thankful for a functioning kitchen with more than one burner. Be thankful for plumbing, clean water that you can actually drink from the tap, the ability to turn up or down the heat, doors, lights, shoes & clothing options, a bed to sleep on, etc. My list could go on. The next time you have the urge to complain about something or suddenly become envious of what others have, remember this photo and what you already have. There is a part of me that may print out these photos and place it in my kitchen as a reminder to firstly pray for this beautiful country of Africa and the very real needs that they have and secondly to remember how blessed I am in my own kitchen & to stay humble. I heard a quote before, although I may be misquoting it now, but in a nutshell this is what it says;

“The things that we complain about are the very same things that someone else is praying for.”

Let’s be thankful & remember how blessed we truly are!


photo credits –  Susana Garcia-Cabral

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