Saving today for Christmas!


I know you probably don’t want to think about the Christmas season as many of us are still in recovery mode, but there are so many reasons why we should start preparing now for Christmas 2015. We all know that in two twos, winter will be over, spring will be in the air, summer will zoom by way too quickly and then we’ll be in the fall season (which nowadays seems to get bypassed as Christmas decorations & items start coming out as early as September). So before the whirlwind occurs, let’s try to do some small things now so that we are really prepared for Christmas.

The first thing to do is start saving up now. Determine how much you plan on spending and start socking that money away. Even if you plan on making a lot of your gifts, you will still need to purchase materials/supplies which can cost a bit of money. Last year the hubby and I had a Christmas jar and we put money in there. While that worked ok, there were times when we would forget & get off track. This year we decided to set up automatic payments that go out into an account so we don’t even have to think about it. What I love about this idea is that we can easily track how we are doing online & we don’t have to worry about withdrawing the money to place it into a jar. Whether you’re able to start saving up today or even if you need to wait until next month, the sooner you begin the better it will be and the more you’ll be able to save.

The other thing to do now is to stock up on Christmas items such as cards, decorations, lights, wrapping paper, cookie cutters, stockings, tree skirts, gift bags, wreaths, ornaments, outdoor décor, etc. While a lot of these items may already be gone due to Boxing Day sales, you can still find quite a bit of stuff in January. Try checking out different places for these items like the grocery store. You will find that Christmas items will be at rock bottom prices (70%-90% off) as stores want to get rid of the stuff. I’ve found amazing deals in January for Christmas cards & wrapping paper. I also snagged a new stocking for our baby for Christmas for a mere $1. So if you are in need of some items, this is a great time to buy verses trying to get things closer to Christmas when the prices are at an all-time high.

I believe that taking baby steps and preparing now for the Christmas season will leave you less stressed out, more organized and fully armed to deal with Christmas when it comes around again. Imagine how wonderful it would feel to have money set aside for the holidays & not overspend? It’s a great feeling to pay for purchases with cash and to stick to a budget.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get on with the savings. There’s only 346 days till Christmas, but who’s counting 🙂


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