Happy New Year!!!!

Happy new year image

We are officially 5 days into this New Year. Can you believe it?  For some reason I feel like this is going to be another year that goes by too quickly as the other ones have in the past (at least it feels that way to me).

So with this in mind, I would like to take time to truly take in each day as it comes and allow myself to not get caught up on trying to overload my plate with too much. Being pregnant again for the 3rd time and caring for two young children is plenty of work already for this woman. I won’t be doing myself any good if I try to overdo it & maintain a heavy loaded schedule filled with too many play-dates & outings that will leave me drained at the end of the day. So this year I chose simplicity. I want to watch less TV, spend more time connecting with my husband & kids especially before our new arrival comes in the coming months & reconnect with just having light music playing in the background during the days & squeeze in some reading when free moments pop up. Some of my favourite moments over this past Christmas season has been having our meal times together at the table & enjoying each other’s company. Sometimes it’s hard to do this on a regular basis for many reasons, but I know that were hoping to do more of this in 2015. I am truly about those simple things. Having play times with the kids, reading stories together, enjoying music and getting outside (when it’s not too cold like today). These are the moments that I relish the most. It’s also wonderful to see our family & have the kids enjoy their cousins, grandparents, uncles and aunties (not just because it gives us a little break too :). We’ve thankfully been able to connect with our families on a weekly basis & we plan on keeping that up.

So how do you plan on spending 2015? Having plans/goals are great, but don’t beat yourself up if for some reason you aren’t able to keep up with each and everything that you’ve written down. Remember that life happens, circumstances pop up & we can only do so much day to day. If you have already flopped on some goals that you were hoping to do, don’t be discouraged. Just try again tomorrow. There are things that I’ve written down which I have already failed on, but I’m refusing to beat myself up over it. I am giving myself grace & choosing to move forward each day. I hope that you are able to do the same thing if you find yourself in this situation. Remember, we still have months and months to reach these goals as the year has only begun.

I hope that you have a happy New Year & may 2015 be spectacular for you all!


photo credit – www.allindiacelebration.com

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