How We are Celebrating Advent


imageI grew up in the Anglican Church as a kid and every year I loved going through the season of Advent. It felt like such a special time of reflecting, remembering and preparing for the birth of Jesus.

The church we have been at since we got married, does not mark out the season of Advent, which is different for me – not bad or wrong, just different. There are people in the congregation who celebrate within their homes, its just not talked about much on the Sunday mornings leading up to Christmas. As such, Advent has not been a big part our lives the past few years (my husband’s church growing up also did not “do Advent”). But since we’ve had kids I have had a strong desire to go back to celebrating Advent and sharing it with them.

This is the first year our daughter (now 3) seems old enough to engage and understand what we’re talking about. So while I have had grandiose plans in my head, we’re doing a simple version with her.

I thought I would share it with you, and if you wanted to do something similar, its not too late to jump in, and it’s really low key, so it won’t be overwhelming with preparation.

The picture of the tree above, is our Christmas tree this year. We have a 10 month old who is just into EVERYTHING and we felt that having a normal tree up this year would be too overwhelming. We decided to do a small centerpiece tree on our table and I found this light up, twig style tree at Target for $15. It was perfect for our table and perfect for tying into our Advent plans.

imageWe’re following along with the Truth in the Tinsel Advent plan. I had received it as part of an ebook bundle a year or two ago. Instead of doing the crafts we’re doing the printable ornaments (which I believe is a new addition this year). They are an additional purchased add on, but we felt it was worth it, and the ornament drawings are very cute (if you were super organized you could do your own, but I’m not, so these are perfect!!) Every day my 3 year old gets to colour an ornament in, I cut it out for her, we add a string and she puts it on our little tree. At dinner time, we read the verse that goes along with the day and talk with her about it. The advent plan has a great layout and walks you through the plan easily. You can modify it to suit your needs and ages. So far, we’ve really enjoyed it.

Another great book is Ann Voskamp’s “Unwrapping the Greatest Gift: A Family Celebration of Christmas.” I’m going through it on my own this year, but we hope to add it to our family celebration of Advent in the years to come, either in place, or alongside the Truth in the Tinsel plan.

Are you celebrating Advent? What are you doing this year?



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