5 Reasons to like Winter (from a Winter Scrooge)

I am not a fan of Winter. The constant cold. The mountains of snow. The rampant illnesses. The extra hour (or more) needed to leave the house. You get the picture.
But, hoping to be a more optimistic/generally joyful and grateful gal, I thought I should start compiling a list of reasons to like winter. I’m not gonna go so far as to say love, but “like” seems manageable.
Here goes… 5 Reasons to like winter:
1. No need to rush home from the store. Groceries stay cool in the trunk.
2. Don’t have enough room in your fridge/freezer? Store food/drinks in the garage.
3. Kids a little stir-crazy? Send them outside to play in the snow/shovel the driveway. (Added bonus: they do one of your chores.)
4. The chance to have a roaring fire, hot chocolate and snuggles.
5. After an ice storm, when branches are encased in shimmering glass and the pale sun illuminates crystal paths and glitter-splashed snow banks…it’s kind of pretty, I guess.
Ok. That’s enough for now. I might try adding to this list in February, when I’m really ready for Spring.

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