Didn’t think I’d ever have to…

A few of us fruitful fellowship mamas started musing about the ridiculous things we sometimes say/do in a day.
We hope you can join in the fun and add some of your #dtieht stories in the comment section.

Didn’t think I’d ever have to:

-make ‘cutting fingernails’ an hour long morning activity.

– pretend to use the washroom just to get a couple of minutes to myself (even then, their tiny fingers seem to always find me under the door!)

-tell my one year old not to eat sand (I think he learned pretty quickly after his first try)

-purposely wake my sleeping newborn just to make sure he was still breathing.

-spend an entire week wearing yoga pants

-use the bathroom with my toddler on my lap.

-think showering every 2-3 days was great.

-rely on dry shampoo for anything other than volume.. Now I can’t live without it.

-make exaggerated poop faces and noises in public restrooms.

-talk like Minnie Mouse to get my daughter to brush her teeth

-tell my child not to lick all the apples in the grocery store

-wipe a toddler bum while wearing my other baby

-say, “my bra is not a hat”

-count to 3 to get my toddler to do as I asked (I had thought there was no way I would do that because my kid would listen the first time…LOL how wrong I was!)

-say, “we don’t wipe our bums in the living room”

Join in the silliness!

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