Fabric chandelier/mobile

In the midst of all our other more essential renovations I’ve been slowly and cheerfully adding to Keziah’s nursery. I wanted it to be light, feminine and whimsical with mainly neutrals and highlights in gold and peach. I posted a sneak peek of one of the little projects back in September but haven’t had the chance to update you anymore since then. Well, it’s not a lot, but here is another little addition.
I had originally thought it might hang over a light bulb as a chandelier but then we considered the possibility of it catching fire and realized we should probably rethink things. Hehe. So, it became a mobile above her crib. And, I’ve got to say, I’m pretty happy with it.

I hope she is too 🙂 This is her normal view of it.

It was quite simple to make, really. You’ll need:
2 embroidery hoops
Fishing wire
Fabric scraps/strips
Jute string
Glue gun
I was pinspired by this creation.
Oh and here’s a close up pic of my one again.

And one of Kez, just because I can.


Thanks for tuning in.
Christie 🙂

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