Guest post: letting kids be kids

I am so excited to introduce our guest blogger today, Lee-Anne, a lovely mama of 3 precious little ones and an amazing photographer. I know you’ll enjoy reading about (and seeing) her journey to letting kids be kids.
Christie 🙂

Being a mom is tough.
I have struggled with being a mom for 4.5 years now.
The ups and downs,
children are so unpredictable
and living with crazy little people every day can be draining.
One thing I have realized is that kids just like to be kids.
They like to get messy,
do silly things,
be wild and crazy
and as much as they love a sense of order and routine,
they love to do things out of the ordinary, that they never would have predicted.
I struggled with this for a while,
because I wanted things to be perfect.
To be nice and clean, orderly and most of all, I wanted to have control.
As much as I “wanted” this, I realized I was draining myself and my kids.
So I started doing things that were not normally allowed.
During colouring, I would let them strip down to their undies and colour all over their bodies.
I would let them climb that tree because I could see it in their eyes, the joy that it brings.
I would make crafts with them, not just tidy ones but ones that would leave remains for months after.
I would let them paint not just on paper but each other.
One day I got really crazy and let them have a flour fight in our kitchen!
Through doing these things that may make a big mess or give my child an extra advantage to injure themselves, I realized that I was letting them be kids.
I was letting them enjoy themselves, do things that adults could never get away with but kids are just begging to try!
Yes, we go out constantly with my children dressed up as princesses or dragons or lions & tigers and whatever else we can find in our tickle trunk but does it really matter in the grand scheme of things?
When you think about all the times you say “no” to your children, think about the reason “why” you are saying no to them. So many times I have caught myself saying “no” and then I wonder to myself “why in the heck am I saying no to them?”. Sometimes there is no reason, we just get caught up with that two letter word that we don’t even know why we are saying it.
There are still times when “no” is the right answer but I just want to challenge you to say “yes” a little more.
Let them make a mess!
Let them be a little dangerous and go climb that tree they have been eyeing!
Let them be adventurous, explore and see the beauty that God has created!
Bring a little unpredictability into their lives and see their faces light up!
Kids are only kids for so long,
faster than I know, my 3 little munchkins are going to be wanting to go out with their friends all the time and will be too cool to wear certain clothes or do certain things.
Until then, I want to embrace their childhood and have fun with them.
My house can stay messy for another day if it means I can make some special memories with my kids.
That’s what really matters, right?
Our kids are not going to remember how clean the house was or how fast the laundry got done,
they are going to remember that mom let us have fun and dad let us do things that we only thought were possible in our imagination.
That is the childhood I want them to remember.















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