Preparing today for the gift giving season!

OK, so I know that Christmas is still a ways away, but let’s be honest, we all know that in two blinks it will be here. Most stores already have Christmas stuff out so you can’t escape it even if you wanted to. Each year my plans have always been to have everything done and purchased by November 30th and sadly that never quite happens. This year however, I am planning and preparing now for the busiest time of the year and this is how I plan to do it;

Step 1 – Make a list of everyone who will be getting gifts!

Step 2 – Stick to a realistic budget.  It’s not about the amount, it’s the thought. People should hopefully understand that, especially family. Don’t go broke this Christmas. It’s just not worth it. This should be a joyous time, not stressful.

Step 3 – Have an idea before heading out to the store of what you will be getting. There is nothing worse than wondering the mall aimlessly as this can get you into trouble especially if you are on a budget.

Step 4 – Don’t feel like you have to get everything in one shopping trip. Although this would be great, it can become overwhelming & can lead to a long day. Try breaking up your trips if time allows, or do half on one day, and the other half the next. Or go the route that many have gone which will save you even more time….buy online & have it all delivered to you 🙂

So this in a nutshell is my plan. It’s simple enough to follow and if I begin my shopping on November 1st & chip away at my list week by week, I should be able to accomplish my grand goal of having all gifts purchased by November 30th.

How do you prepare/plan for the Christmas shopping season? Have you already started shopping for gifts? Feel free to comment below!


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