Ice Cream Pie

When it comes to cooking and baking, I love super simple yet deliciously yummy recipes. And if TheBoy is able to help out (with chopping, measuring, mixing or all three), all the better!



This Thanksgiving weekend, we decided to make our very own ice cream pie for a holiday dinner at my in-laws. TheHubby and I love ice cream. Throw in a bunch of chopped up chocolate bars (in our case, three different types – KitKat, Twix and Coffee Crisp) and boy oh boy is this ice cream pie a recipe for happy taste buds! And did I mention that it’s SUPER easy to put together? Yes, it is!



All it requires is 5 ingredients: Graham/Oreo crumbs, melted butter, ice cream, chocolate bars and pecans 🙂 And the variation possibilities are truly endless. Sweet vanilla, chocolate mint, even strawberry cheesecake ice cream would be super yummy! Twix, Smarties, Reese pieces, gummie bears (why not?!) all are great mix-ins. Hey, even fruit would taste amazing mixed into the ice cream. And top it off with pecans, Oreo crumbs, whipped cream. Whatever your heart desires. Seriously! This pie is so versatile, it makes my tummy happy thinking of all the different flavour combinations.



Graham Cracker / Oreo Crumb Box
Butter, melted
One tub of Ice Cream, melted a little
Mix-ins (chocolate bars or fruit)
Pecans (or other yummy toppings!)

1. Prepare the Graham/Oreo crust according to the box directions adding the melted butter. Press into the bottom of a glass pie dish. (We doubled up the crust recipe because we like a thick crust!!)
2. Chop up your chocolate bars or fruit. (We used 6 bars in total).
3. Pour the soften ice cream into a bowl and add in the chopped up chocolate bars or fruit and mix well. Add ice cream mixture on top of your crust.
4. Put your ice cream pie into the freezer and let it firm up.


Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving everyone!


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