Two-ingredient (basically) delicious and easy starter

I can’t remember when I first paired these two items together, probably a couple years ago, but I was instantly in love with the flavour blend. So, it may be simple, but boy oh boy it’s delicious. And with thanksgiving coming up, you might even want to make this into a fancy starter for your guests.

All you need is:
(or beetroots, as us South Africans call them)
2.Garlic & Herb Goat’s Milk Cheese

Cut the roots off and clean the beets, then place in pot of water to boil until soft. You can also add in the beet greens (which are delicious!)
Once greens are softer, sauté in pan with olive oil and garlic. Yummy! (You might want to wait to do this until your beets are fully cooked because they take a while).
Then, peel skins off beets, slice and serve with a scoop of the goat’s cheese. Wowzers. It’s that simple!



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