Tis the season for…The Crock pot!

When the Autumn season arrives it comes with its bursts of bright vibrant colours, much cooler weather and I begin to crave chili’s, soups, stews, etc.This is the time of year when I dust off the ole crock pot and enjoy an array of delicious recipes. Did you know that using a crock pot saves on electricity too? It also saves you time in the kitchen which is always a good thing if you have a young & busy family.

I personally love the crock pot and think that it’s the greatest invention ever. Seriously, you just dump the ingredients in it and let it cook for you. Brilliant! If you don’t have one, I strongly encourage you to consider getting one. Or if you want to try it out first before making the purchase, I’m pretty sure you could borrow one from a friend who may not be using it. I’ve also seen crock pots at thrift shops too for way less than what the stores sell. Give it a good scrub & it’s as good as new. The one’s I’ve seen in thrift stores hardly look like they’ve been used so you could find a sweet deal.

If you are new to the crock pot world, or if you have one but just haven’t used it yet, why not give it a try this Fall season? There are tons of great recipes online too that are very simple to follow. Just think of all the time you could be saving by utilizing this amazing appliance. The crock pot is my personal lifesaver & it can be yours too.

Happy Autumn season!


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