Sewing Adventure: Burlap accent pillowcase

Hello friends! We are bit by bit making progress on our labour of love (still the kitchen, predominantly) and my “quick win” last night was a burlap curtain for under the sink. (Stay tuned for pictures in the weeks to come.)
However, I didn’t pack up the burlap or my sewing machine last night, so I thought it might be fun to do another quick project this morning after dropping Jeremiah off at school. And without further ado, here it is…


It’s a pretty rough sewing job but thankfully that kinda fits with our farmhouse-y “come-as-you-are” style.
Anyhoo, if anyone’s curious, here are some basic steps.
1. Find old, buried-in-your-linen-closet, disheveled pillow.


2. Place said pillow on top of burlap(bought with Michaels coupon! Score!) and cut out 2 squares that are slightly larger than the pillow (or roughly the same size, so that it will fit snugly).


3. Sew 3 sides of the squares together, leaving an edge of about an inch. Then sew around the border again, if you’d like. (Note: I kept my stitch pretty loose because I find burlap a little trickier to work with.)



4. Stuff the pillow into the pillowcase and sew the last edge twice.

5. Trim the edges or let them fall off on their own, whatevs. (Another note: have your vacuum ready, as this gets quite messy. Thankfully, with mini whirlwinds in the house, I vacuum 72 times a day, so mine is within easy reach. Ok, ok, I should vacuum 72 times a day. Really it’s once and then I just leave my vacuum cleaner out to have the appearance of a well kept space haha. But, I digress.)


6. Let your two-year-old admire your work and feel rather accomplished…or, bring it to my two-year-old–she’s very encouraging!


7. Place on display 🙂



Virtual hugs to you all! Christie

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