Happy Monday!

Today is the start of a new week & it’s also the last day of summer (although it hasn’t felt much like summer over these last couple of weeks). I am happy that my son is home today from school because it is a PA day. The timing of this PA day is perfection considering the busy weekend that we have had. It was so lovely sleeping in & not having to be on the go, go, go. My daughter has loved having her big brother home. They are really starting to connect more these days which is just so lovely to see. Our prayer is that they will be close and watch out for one another. My son is protective of his sister so that part is covered thankfully 🙂

I am not sure what is in store for everyone this week, but I do pray that you will have a wonderful day and week ahead. May you find strength from God as you seek to accomplish those tasks that need to get done. May you experience joy as we move into the Fall season officially tomorrow. I personally love this season and watching as the leaves change and God’s beauty surrounds us in the most colourful way.

Be blessed today and take some time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life like sipping a cup of tea & reading a good book. Or maybe take a brisk walk and let the outdoors inspire your soul. Do something today that makes you happy & will hopefully kick start off your week to be a blessed one. Happy Monday!!!!!


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