Money Saving Tip – Grocery shop with cash!

Yes, we are that family that loves to grocery shop with cash. A few reasons why we love paying cash for groceries are the following:

  • It keeps us on budget
  • We avoid bad purchases
  • Check out is faster

There is something about shopping with cash that keeps you focused on the task at hand. We don’t find ourselves placing random items into our cart & we certainly don’t overspend (I use the calculator on my smartphone to tally up as we shop). If by chance we do go over, I am okay with putting back an item or two so that we don’t go over our cash amount.

Grocery shopping with cash is a great way to save money. We have shopped without cash before & always some how end up spending way more money than planned. By shopping with cash, you will stick to your list and watch every dollar being spent.

I know that not everyone will like the idea of shopping with cash because it may feel limiting, but I would encourage you to try it out. Even just for one month. You never know, you may end up loving it & you may even find more ways to save at that grocery store. Happy shopping!


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