The day you were born

As many of you know, we’re in the midst of renovations on our new home right now, so you should probably be preparing yourselves for lots of posts about our updates, room designs, etc.
Exhibit A: A little piece of Keziah’s nursery.
I love decorating that’s simple and sweet. This accomplished my goal.
Step 1: Figure out way to commemorate the day that Keziah was born.
Step 2: Find calendar that brings together theme of room (LOVE this one from rifle paper co.)

Step 3: Remove month your child was born and circle the precious day!
Step 4: Frame and hang on wall
K, so step 4 is almost complete, as I wait patiently for Josiah to be my knight in shining armour (side note: autocorrect just changed that to armpit bahaha. My knight in shining armpit. Love it!)
Anyhoo, there you have it. A beautiful and quick way to commemorate your child’s day of birth!
PS. Stay tuned for more house renovation posts in the weeks to come. Our kitchen is coming together gorgeously!

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