Get READY!!!

     We are officially into the second week of school already, can you believe it? We are so thankful that it has been a smooth transition so far for our son who started school for the very first time this year. Some of the things that we did to get ourselves as well as our son prepped for this new journey of school was using the acronym READY. This helped us and hopefully it will be helpful for those sending off their kids to school in the near future too.

R – Register early!

The sooner you get the paper work done the better. It will be one less thing you will need to worry about. To find out when registration begins, be sure to call the school early in the New Year and they will let you know when you can pick up the paper work. Also, do that paper work Asap. Don’t put it off. The last thing you want is to be rushing in June before the school closes and the busyness in the office is at an all-time high.

E – Examine the school!

Talking about a new school is one thing, but physically going to the school is another. We don’t live in walking distance to the school, but we have been by there to visit it and point out where he’ll be going. That was helpful for him & us too.

A – Attend Orientation!

We found the orientation to not only be very helpful, but so insightful and it put our mind at ease. We were able to meet the Principal, Vice Principal, all of the JK teachers, etc. They answered all of our questions and our son was able to meet some of the other kids and teachers too.

D – Discuss the school often & tell them who their teacher will be!

We didn’t want our son’s transition into school to be a stressful one, so we made it a point to talk about the school whenever an opportunity would arise. If we were driving and we saw a school bus for instance, I would say “next year you get to take the school bus when you go to school.” Then I would ask if he was excited about going & hear what he would have to say. We didn’t find out his teacher’s name until the end of June. A package with all of that information was mailed out to us. Once we found out the name, we made it a point to say the name often and would ask him to repeat it so that he would remember it.

Y – Yield to the fact that this is going to happen!

When you embrace it & show excitement about school they will too….well eventually 🙂 It’s completely normal to feel emotional about this new phase of life since after all they are still our babies. What I’ve been learning is that children are really resilient and will surprise you. So parents, take a deep breathe, say a prayer, and trust that all will be well.




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