Moving with little ones–5 tips

As some of you know, we have been in the throws of moving mayhem.
I’m gonna be straight with ya. Taking care of 3 kiddos under the age of 4 is an adventure on a regular day, so when you add in packing, cleaning and a husband away doing renovations, it’s well, hilariously chaotic. But, all in all we’ve done quite well and I am extremely grateful for family and friends who have helped with meals, hands-on assistance and lots of prayer support. Love you all!
So, all that to say, I think I’ve learned a few tricks to making this moving business a little easier and hopefully a smoother transition for little ones (when everything is exciting and new and possibly a little scary).

1. Consider painting the new kids’ room the same colour as their old one. You could even install the same carpet/flooring. It makes their space seem familiar and could help with all the changes they’re experiencing.


2. Make one of your moving vehicles (in our case, my minivan) the “go-to” space, with easy access to the kids’ clothes, diapers, snacks, blankets, favourite toys, etc. Then you know immediately where everything is and you thereby lessen your potential stress and the anxiety of your children.
Special note: keep sheets and pillows in this vehicle too so that you can make your beds after your move and not have to fall exhaustedly onto bare mattresses.

3. Set up the kids’ room(s) first.
Not only does this give them a room to start feeling at home in, but it will probably mean you can get more work done while they are settled and playing contentedly.


4. If possible, visit new school before the move. Let your little ones check out their new learning environment – they might be able to even play in the playground, and thereby, get used to some of the new changes in their precious lives.

5. Remember that they’re the priority.


In the hustle and bustle of a move it can be hard to remember to stop and give your kids your undivided attention. But it is so important that you do. They are most likely taking it in and trying to process what it all means. They may even be acting out a little because this is new and confusing. Be patient. Pray, pray, pray. And love them tenderly as they adjust. Boxes can wait.
I’m trying to remind myself of this, so don’t think that I’ve got it figured out by any means. Let’s tackle this gracious parenting challenge together, shall we?
In Him, Christie

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