Inside our Diaper Bags…

Today, some of the Fruitful Fellowship team share what they carry in their diaper bags.


First off is Amanda.



I carry a brown leather purse, thrifted I think,  so no brand. I also carry a current book I’m reading (Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Trip), my bible, my daily devotions, my bible crayons, a diaper, extra clothes for the kids, lip balm, Tylenol and candies. And my wallet that I picked up from good old target. Not pictured is a potty seat 😛

Next up is…


Christie. Mommy to three kiddos ages 3.5, 2 and 4 months old. Interesting note: I pack less now (with 3 kids) than when I used to pack just for Jeremiah as a baby.



My purse/diaper bag is from Spring. Inside, I’ve got nursing pads, a nursing cover, a change of clothes for Keziah, socks, diapers for both girls (yes, they’re both in a ‘4’ now! Haha), Norwex travel cloth, immunization records and health cards for all 3 kids, pens/markers, hand sanitizer, bandaid, wipes, Live Clean diaper rash ointment, hair accessories for girls, toy for Kez, book and a ball for Jeremiah and Charis, nail polish for C (she likes playing with the Minnie Mouse figurine), snack for the kids, mints for me, floss, gum, lip chap, mascara (weird bc I never use it), deodorant and my wallet and lastly, a change mat.

Up next is….


Frances. Mommy to a 3 year old girl and 7 month old boy.



Here’s my diaper bag.  It is expandable and almost always expanded to full size. I got it at Toysrus/Babiesrus. It came with a diaper change mat but I took it out to have a pouch for my clutch. Then if I need to run in anywhere or out somewhere without the kids I can grab my clutch and go. The clutch is from livefashionABLE and made ethically in Ethiopia.

In my diaper bag I have diapers, a spare pull up for our potty training toddler, extra clothes for both kids including underwear for my 3 year old. Wipes, socks for me, two toys (a car and silly putty), a blanket, granola bars/snacks, lipgloss, lip chap, pens & my clutch.  In my clutch, I have all my important cards, cash, lip colour, lip chap (again lol) and keys.

I wanted a neutral bag so my husband would be happy to carry it. It has an easily adjustable strap, and is made by “Baby Innovations”. It was also important to me to have a cross body bag 🙂

Not pictured: (apparently I don’t pack light) is my nursing cover, it’s in the wash but sometimes I go without or use the blanket, water for the toddler, a book/kobo or a knitting project IF I think I’ll get the chance to read/knit.

Up next, we have…


Hazel-Ann. Mommy to a three year old and one year old. 



My bag is a Joules leather bag (I scored it for 70% off in a sale this summer!) Inside I have 3 diapers (Milovia, Bumgenius and Tots Bots) a wipes bag, wet bag, diaper ointment, sunscreen, lip balm, lipsticks, diary (Organised Mum), wallet (Mulberry), antibacterial wipes, giant muslin which doubles as a blanket.

And lastly, we have


Trudy. Mommy to a 3 year old and a 1 year old.



I picked up my bag a few years ago from Spring as an over the shoulder travel bag. Little did I realize how much it could hold with 3 compartments inside (the middle one zipping up) so now it’s my go to diaper bag!

In the first compartment I carry my stuff – my wallet (BCBG), make-up pouch (lip gloss, dental floss, lotion, a mirror), my first aid pouch (tissue, anti-bacterial, kids after bite, kids polysporin and Band-Aids), my phone (not shown here because I am using it to take this picture :p) as well as a bunch of granola bars and trail mix.

In the middle zip up compartment I carry diaper changing stuff – two diapers (one normal diaper and a pull-up), diaper rash cream, wipes and a change pad.  I used to bring extra diapers until they took up all the space in my entire bag, so now I leave a bunch of spare diapers in the car.

And in the last compartment I carry all the kids’ stuff from extra clothing, to toys (in the picture I have a small pad of paper and pencil crayons, molding clay, a Dreamworks puzzle and a Mr. Funny book), as well as Aveeno baby lotion and sun screen.

So, what do you carry around in your purse and diaper bags? We’d love to know 🙂

Happy Friday everyone!

The Fruitful Fellowship Team

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