Preparing for JK — 10 Resource Suggestions

I still can’t believe my oldest is starting school in a few weeks! Jeremiah is very excited! He picked out his backpack and has been enjoying practicing some of the skills he hopes to learn more about. Having trained as a primary/junior teacher and being blessed with a Kindergarten-teacher mom, I’ve gathered/borrowed some resources that I have found helpful in preparing Jeremiah for Junior Kindergarten. Here are some of them… (Special note: there are some great apps that can be used as well, but I wanted to focus on hands-on materials for this post.)



[Alphabet Box] This is one of my mom’s brilliant ideas. You have a tub filled with small objects, 1 for each letter of the alphabet. Have your child sound out the name of the objects and figure out what letter it starts with. Eg. Hat for ‘H’














[Deck of Cards] These can be used for numerous activities/games. With most cards having the number, suit and corresponding objects, you can use these to practice number recognition, counting, sorting and shape identification to begin with. Then you can move on to simple games like “go fish” or “war”. The opportunities are endless!















[Brain Quest]. I scored a couple of these second-hand for 25cents. They may be old school, but they’re awesome! They have alphabet puzzles, number quizzes, “what’s wrong with this picture”, sequencing and much more.
















[Flip and Learn Chart]. This is fantastic! It has a big alphabet, different animals, sizes and much more. A great visual resource that can sit on the table and be examined.














[Letter Writing Guide] It’s good for kids to learn how to write letters and numbers properly now so that they don’t need to be corrected later. A guide like this can help you teach them effectively.










[Letterland book] I LOVE books and could probably write 10 posts about my favourite children’s books, but I should note that this is one of the best alphabet books I’ve encountered. It’s another one of my mom’s wonderful resources and sadly from the UK, but I believe it can be purchased online.

















one of the pages…

















[Over in the meadow book] A fun, rhyming, clue-filled book. These kinds of books are great for pausing to let your child fill in the rhyming word at the end of the sentence.

















[Let’s Cut Paper book] You can help your child work on his/her fine motor skills by giving them some safe scissors and a book like this. They’ll love it.











[Workbooks] You can buy workbooks fairly inexpensively and then use a sheet protector with a Dry Erase marker so that you can re-use them. Note: Tracing is great for co-ordination, dexterity and fine motor skills too.






Jeremiah using a plastic sheet protector and dry erase marker over his Thomas letter workbook. Then we can just wipe it off and try again.




























[Letter and Number magnets] This was included in our ‘Welcome to Kindergarten’ package and I love it. It’s at the bottom of this picture. There are two sheets of paper, which we stick on our magnet board. Then we grab the foam magnetic letters and numbers and Jeremiah places them on the sheets. He learns uppercase and lowercase (often forgotten but equally important) letters and his numbers, while improving his fine motor skills. Yay!













I would like to note that this just scratches the surface of what’s out there, but it gives you an idea of some of the tools I’ve found helpful in hands-on, sitting-down school prep. All that to say, there are a number of preparatory skills/teachables that should be part of every day, in my opinion… MUSIC, PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, ATTITUDE/MANNERS, SOCIAL INTERACTION, BIBLE ENGAGEMENT & HOME SKILLS (IE. BAKING, WORKING WITH TOOLS, SETTING THE TABLE, SORTING LAUNDRY, ETC) are all very important parts of child development. I didn’t mention them because, for us, they just fluidly fit into our day-to-day lives. I would highly recommend using these and anything else that you do with your child to help prepare him/her for school. Their lives (and yours) will be enriched because of your efforts.

Have fun!



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