Beautiful wall art for under $5

Happy Monday, friends! We’re in the middle of packing and renos and other fun, crazy things, so I took a little “me” crafting time this morning while the kids played/rested and made this wall art for Keziah’s new nursery. It’s quick, cute and costs less than $5 (if you use a Michaels coupon for the canvas, or buy one at Dollarama).
All you need is a canvas, a pen/pencil and gold push pins. (And maybe a bandaid…)
Step 1: lay out materials
Step 2: sketch out design/word with your pen. I chose “shine” because Keziah is our little sunshine-in-her-smile baby. And, we pray she learns to shine for Jesus one day.
Step 3: attempt to not injure yourself while pressing in thumb tacks. Truthfully, this is highly unlikely for all of you. I happen to be incredibly clumsy.
Step 4: finish pressing in tacks and admire your creation.

I’m really looking forward to hanging this in her new creamy peach room.
Christie. xo

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