Four things I do to save on our grocery bill

A few weeks ago my husband jokingly told someone that it will probably be cheaper to pay for two extravagant weddings for our daughters some day than to keep up with our son’s eating habits. Man, this child likes his food haha. Then again, all five of us have healthy appetites. Poor Kez is now affectionately known as “chubs” (apparently I produce cream instead of milk).


All this to say, I’m always looking for ways to save us money. And I get the feeling that I’m not the only one! So if you’re interested, here are four things I do to make our grocery bill go farther.

1. I price match, using the app ‘flipp‘.

Meaning, I use the app to look through flyers from various stores and make ‘clippings’ of items I need that are the best price. Then I shop at Wal-Mart, Freshco or No-Frills, where I’m able to price match by showing the cashier those clippings on my phone. We’ve estimated that I save at least $100/month on groceries by doing this.

2. I buy discounted fresh foods (vegetables, fruits, breads) that are 50% off at participating stores (in my case, Zehrs).

I can freeze certain produce if it’s almost gone bad and use it later for stews, soups, sauces and baking (I can make great banana bread/muffins with slightly brown bananas for example).

3. I’ve just started using coupons.

Canada doesn’t seem to have as many great coupons as our neighbours to the South, but if you search you can still find some good ones. From the inside of cereal boxes to websites like,, or, as well as a new Wal-Mart coupon initiative, there are a number of ways you can start couponing. I’m eager to look into some of these more. *Another important note: I sometimes use the app ‘Checkout 51‘, which sends you money after the fact, so it’s kind of like couponing.

4. I stock up on deals when I can find them and get creative with the food items I have available to me.

This sometimes means making more foods from scratch, which I know can take more time, but in the end it saves you money! Here’s an example of mine.


These are just four of the ways I save money on groceries. I get excited when I can be a good steward of the finances we’re blessed with. What about you? Any tips to add to the list? I’d LOVE if you have more ideas on saving!


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