When the night is still – a poem

When the night is still.
When breaths are deep and slow.
When you’re sprawled in haphazard forms
entangled by well-loved blankets.
And your eyelashes brush your cheeks.

I breathe.

My chest is heavy with wonder and amazement at your beauty and worth.
My mind is full of the cacophony of the day.

my dear ones.

I think of moments I was impatient,
or times I was too quick, too distracted to see you, truly hear you.
So I blink away tears
and I thank The Lord
for the stillness of the night.

For the chance to breathe you in, to gently kiss your smooth brows, to watch your chests rise and fall. To refresh for tomorrow.
And to exhale in that stillness,

I love you.

-Christie (Special thanks to my beautiful mentor, Steph for inspiring this thought.)

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