Toronto Zoo Membership

This year for my sons 2nd birthday we were trying to think of an appropriate gift from the relatives. We all know toys over accumulate super fast and so we were trying to think of something different. We decided on a family zoo membership. Children are free until there 3 so the membership is covering my husband and I. We got the Dual membership. The cost is us going about 6 times. We’ve already done that in 2 weeks! They also have a parking pass which is $50, paid for after 5 visits. Totally worth it if going often.
We are totally loving having a membership, we don’t live far away and so from that perspective it’s easy. It’s a great place to go, to kill some toddler or kid in general energy.. (Ya feel me?!) 🙂 haha! Gives us something to do as a family for a few hours or a whole day whatever we have time for, and there’s no pressure if we want to go and see the polar bears we can literally go and see the polar bears! Lol we have several friends and family who also have memberships so its a great opportunity for hanging out too! And the best part is once the memberships paid for you can go and literally spend nothing. The zoo is great about bringing in food and snacks, they have picnic areas all over the zoo.
Every visit is different I thought I’d get bored out pretty quick but totally not. Some days we meet the keepers and they share about the animals they care for, one visit the tiger was right up agains the glass and my son gave him high fives.. Totally made his day! One visit recently we watched them feed the gorillas- so awesome! I am IN LOVE with Neka the new baby girl gorilla! She’s sooo cute!
And don’t forget they have an amazing splash pad for hot summer days!
It really is the gift that keeps on giving. We love the Toronto zoo!





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