3 tips to making food fun!

Ever since TheBoy was born (at 5lbs11ozs), he has always been on the leaner side of the weight scale. As much as we try to fatten him up, he continues to hover around the 1-2 percentile in weight. Needless to say, it makes us extremely happy whenever he willing eats because he’s known to be a very (very!) picky eater.

Because of this, I strive to make eating fun. Okok, “strive” is a bit of an exaggeration because really, this just gives me a great reason to buy fun & cute stuff (despite TheHubby’s protests) and play with food!  Now, what can be better than that?!

Below are three simple ways to spruce up any lunch box and make meal time just a little bit easier!

1. Buy colourful foods! Bright foods are not only more appealing to kids, they are also naturally healthier for them. Some of TheBoys top foods now are: cherry tomatoes, strawberries, edamamme, green beans, cheese cubes, multi-grain crackers, blueberries, corn nibs, apple slices, orange wedges, cheddar bunnies, pretzels, and grapes.


2. Make it interesting. Recently, we started talking about the four different seasons, thus, I decided to use Spring as my inspiration for this lunch box by cutting out flowers and butterflies (using the cheese) as well as making little cherry shapes out of the cherry tomatoes (with green picks). TheBoy also loves letters so I try incorporate them into different foods we eat. And yay for Mickey pancakes!




3. Let them help… choose and prep the food. I find TheBoy much more willing to eat when he helpes choose and prepare his own lunch box. He loves cutting the cheese into fun shapes, using cutouts, as well as assembling them (putting them in the different compartments) in his lunch box. Below, TheBoy was helping me mix some pancake mix, all by himself.


What are your tips and tricks to making meals fun?

Happy eating!


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