Tackling clutter in the house

Happy Spring Everyone!
This year I really wanted to declutter our home. I never really considered myself a packrat.. But after you see these pictures it’s safe to safe I was. I joined along with Anne Marie over at whitehouseblackshutters.com and many others for the 40 bags in 40 days challenge. ( Check out her blog shes awesome!) This typically happens over lent. Basically you declutter your home one day and one bag at a time for 40 days. In previous years I watched the hash tags and people’s successes from afar but never felt so inclined to do it myself. Just like I was your probably thinking 40 bags? That’s ALOT! Where do you come up with that much stuff? To be honest it’s super easy especially if your a pack rat or a junk collecter like me. Garage sales, thrift stores and hand me downs are my weakness and are all super awesome IF they are items you infact NEED.. WILL USE!..

And truly 40 is a goal less is good and more is even better its more about what your accomplishing then the number.
So before I show you my lovely before and after picture… Let me just tell you we have basically no storage, and the spare bedroom became the one all dump it room.
We are expecting baby #2 in October and so began the true need to empty that room. Nothing like nesting to get the job done!
I’m not gonna lie it took alot of time, many garbage bags and trips to the thrift store and or passing on to friends, but the result is so worth it. I also was able to sell quite a few things and make a bit of money! Awesome right?

I now have a WHOLE room that was basically useless before!





40 bags in 40 days is defiantly something I hope to do every year. What room in your house needs to be tackled, so that you can enjoy your space and home that much more?

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