moving + organization

After 4 months of living with my in-laws, our little family has finally purchased a new home and are currently in the midst of moving in (hence, my lack of posts, my apologies!).  It’s bitter-sweet as I’m excited to have my own home again (especially my own kitchen!) and separate bedrooms for the boys.  But I’ve certainly come to love my mom-in-law’s home cooking (that I’ll really miss), not to mention, our in-house baby-sitters who love playing and entertaining the kiddos.

Our plan is to slowly move in by the end of the month. That being said, we’re aiming to be a little more organized this time around when it comes to our house, our finances, and everything else in between. I have never been the most organized (I’m more of an organized-messy type) but it’s something I am trying to change.  That, and being a morning person 🙂

Nevertheless, I was scouring the net for some pretty printables to put together a Home Management Binder and found one I really liked.  Plus, it’s FREE!  I found it off the GreenChildMagazine website:

Free Personal Planner

What I love is that it includes monthly calendars, inspiring quotes, budgeting and cleaning sheets (and lots more!) as well as pantry staples, kitchen conversions and even recipe cards and labels for jars.  The pages are colourful and pretty (you can choose between two patterns – hearts or leaves), which makes wanting to be organized just that much more fun!

Do you have any tips and/or tricks to being organized at home?

Have a lovely day,


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