they’re sharing a room

In preparation for the baby coming (ETA March 29th!?!) we decided to bite the bullet and move Charis from the nursery and have her and Jeremiah share a room. We’re hoping that by making this transition now we’ll have them adjusted by the time their little sister arrives. So, for Family Day yesterday we had fun moving everything over, cleaning, organizing, having random dance parties and hanging some pieces on the wall that we’ve wanted to do for a long time!

Friends, we finally put up the alphabet wall! 🙂


alphabet wall

close up
and yes, I need to fix a few still, but it felt great to at least hang them for now

We also changed the location of the gallery wall, which I talked a little bit about in my simple artwork post a while back.

gallery wall

Added some touches for Charis…

Charis' corner

And changed the window ledge up.


It felt so great to get it all done! Here are a few more shots of the room. (Can you tell we’re ikea fans?)

magnet wall





jeremiahs bed

Yay! Now I can start nesting in the nursery.


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