sewing adventure…baby knot hat

I am learning how to use my sewing machine. It’s definitely trickier than I thought it would be, but I’m having fun nonetheless. Until today, I had only sewed the sides of a pillow case and fixed a pair of Jeremiah’s pants. I am, in other words, a complete newbie.
However, I wanted to attempt to make something for baby #3, so here was my adventure…
Step 1: Find easy sewing project (thank you Pinterest)


Step 2: Buy material with two energetic kids in tow


Step 3: Draw your own template because you’re too lazy to print the other one off.


Step 4: Trace around template twice on material and cut them out.


Step 5: Sew two pieces together. Pat yourself on the back. Then realize you had a complete brain breakdown and sewed the bottom of the hat shut. Cry for 10 minutes. (Okay, I didn’t cry, but I almost wanted to). Tediously pick out each stitch by hand.


Step 6: Turn hat inside out/outside in and tie knot at the top.


Step 7: Mess around with the bottom for far too long and attempt to hem it.


Step 8: Realize it is far from perfect but allow yourself to celebrate your sewing victory nonetheless.


Step 9: Choose one of the bajillion stuffies in the home to model said victory hat and dream about a cuter model who will arrive in approximately 6 weeks.


Christie 🙂

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