five years later + simple apple tart

This past weekend, TheHubby and I celebrated our 5th anniversary – at home with the boys! It amazes me at just how fast these past few years have come and gone, needless to say, the adventure has been fun. I still remember our wedding day being 8 degrees (in February!) and everything going perfectly. Looking back, it feels like just yesterday we were saying “I do.”


Head Table

In 5 years we’ve moved homes (twice!) had two adorable kiddos (TheBoy & LittleBoy) and are still learning more and more about one another each and everyday.  I pray that the next 5 years will only bring on more fun adventures as God continues to guide our little family.



With that said, TheBoy and I made a super simple Apple Tart dessert, recipe by the Pioneer Woman, to celebrate.  We didn’t have brown sugar so TheBoy helped me make some ( 1 Cup Sugar + 1 tbsp Molasses, stir stir stir).  The end result was delish!  The only thing missing was a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Forgive my blurry pictures as I took them with my phone :pCameraZOOM-20140209153052804 CameraZOOM-20140209153429406CameraZOOM-20140209160438458CameraZOOM-20140209161318175

How do you and your family celebrate wedding anniversaries?

Have a lovely week,


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