Sensory bin makeover

I am super excited to share our sensory bin with all of you. I am a true Early Childhood Educator at heart even though I’m not currently being paid to work in that field.. Haha it’s once again filled up my days with having a busy toddler at home. I’ve always wanted to do sensory activities with my kids. I recently was given this beautiful bin it needed some definite TLC and was headed for the garbage ( no way right?!!) I decided to paint it white, I really liked the rustic wood look but it’s quite old and the wood really needed to be sealed, especially if we’re going to be putting water inside. I decided the lid needed some TLC too as it was covered in crayon and all kinds of previous projects. So I painted it with chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint always makes stuff better lol! Our bin is now ready for play. Water, rice, beans, homemade goop, play doh… You name it. If you have any favorites your kids enjoy playing with please do share I would love to hear from you.
Also… Don’t feel like you need a piece of furniture (essentially) such as this to have these activities with your kids. A plastic bin from the dollar store suffices too. If your using water throw some towels or an old shower curtain underneath for easy clean up.







2 thoughts on “Sensory bin makeover

  1. This is an awesome make over!! Just did a pinto bean sensory with the plastic cover of the large egg cartons and some paper towel rolls! It was truly something out of nothing and the kids had a blast!!

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