guest post: chewy apple sauce

My amazing momma is our guest blogger today. She is a multi-talented lady, and one of those talents is making delicious snacks. So here she goes…

Christie asked me to write this up, as it is insanely simple and so good!  When I was teaching at the Christian School in Orillia a parent brought this in as a healthy snack. (I can’t remember who it was, to thank!)

I bought the “No name” brand of Apple sauce. Sweetened or unsweetened according to your taste. [Note: I discovered that it works better with sweetened, but if you cook the unsweetened longer it should still work well.]

Use a no stick pan and pour the sauce evenly onto it.


Oven temperature  – 300 degrees.

Put it in and walk away! Truth be told – I completely forgot about it and came back hours later because I could smell it.

If the oven is low enough you could probably leave it in overnight.


Scrape it up and enjoy it!


Karen 🙂

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