you know you’re a parent to a preschooler when…

You may recall my past posts about being a parent to a newborn and a toddler. Well, the time has come for a new post because that newborn is now a toddler and that toddler is now a PRESCHOOLER! (Side note: give it a couple more months and I’ll have each category covered again 🙂 )

So, let’s try this again.

You know you’re a parent to a preschooler when:

-you hear “why” at least 100 times in a day

-you could be a terrorist negotiator

-you live in an imaginary world

-jokes sound like this: “the cow said…I’m a window! HAHAHA”

-you hear yourself say “choice” at least 100 times a day

-you find yourself humming Diego tunes (or some other frustratingly catchy TV show song) when you’re in the shower

-you will make a fool of yourself to hear a 3-year-old’s belly laugh

-you hear yourself saying things your own parents used to say

-your living room is an obstacle course

-you never thought you could get so excited about another person’s (controlled) bowel movements

-you make food look like letters, numbers or shapes

AND your heart wants to burst with the amount of love you feel every day.


As always, I would LOVE to have you add to the list! Thanks 🙂




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