a season for giving

This will be the first Christmas where TheBoy is old enough to actually enjoy opening presents. Like any first born grandson, there are plenty of gifts with his name written on them, sitting neatly under our decorated tree.


But how do you teach a 2.5 year old that Christmas is about giving, and not just receiving? Take him out to the dollar store, that’s what!


I took TheBoy out on a mini shopping date to The Dollar Store and had him pick out gifts for everyone in the family. For $12 we were able to pick up practical items for the family (save myself and LittleBoy) as well as some Christmas stickers to decorate his wrapping paper and a pair of small mitts that I purchased for him.


Initially, TheBoy ran around wanting to buy everything for himself from Cars books to a rubber snake (eek!) but after reminding him, a few times that is, that we were looking for presents for others, he stopped asking me to buy him toys and actually started looked around.


I guided him on what to buy but in the end, TheBoy made the final decision on what to buy, and I was happy with all of them. Every gift is very appropriate for every family member and hopefully they will agree.

Afterwards I sat TheBoy down and we had a small discussion about giving gifts because we are celebrating Jesus’ birthday.


How do you teach your children the real meaning behind Christmas? That it’s so much more than just lights and presents under the tree? That in fact, we were given the greatest gift of all — Jesus.

Have a wonderful Christmas,


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